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Madly Bad

I missed the daily prompt last night but the day is not yet over for the question: Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget? Many answered it’s a waste of time. Why hold grudges if it only brings pain to you tho? For […]

Make Time!

Don’t find time, make time! ~Anonymous It makes sense, I guess. I just received a text with that line at the of the message. How can you make time? For anything you ought to do, for anything you want to do? Happy Weekend 🙂 TheQuoteProject

By Chance Of Era

The era we have is not for a life time. People  that always there for us is neither not for a life time. Not for a life time we hope. Not for a life time we expect. Not for a life time to be hurt. Not for a […]

A dedication!

We will stand still! Like a happy tree no matter how shaky the ground is, we know we can make it till everything will calm! Everything will take to its proper place! Maybe not later but soon! Quote ©Shira2012 This is a dedication for my friends who’s having a […]

Time come and go as it wish to be

At some point, you’re going to ask yourself how far you’ve gone in your life. Was it worthy? Was it enough? Was it fruitful? You don’t know what exactly to ask by now, don’t you? Neither I! Eventually, time come and go and there’s no other option but […]

Unnoticed I Smiled Genuinely

Yesterday, I’m riding on Jeepney then it stop to the place where I used to go. I saw my uncle and I smiled genuinely! (back to the history, there’s a collusion between my family and relatives. For months I hate what they did, my smile even cost much […]