Lens-Artists Challenge #304 – Behind

Patio beachfront view of Boracay Island Station 2
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I discovered the Lens-Artists challenge through Donna’s Connections post in Reader under the Discover tab, which I have not responded to yet. This week’s theme, Behind, by Ritva, will be my first participation, and I may also respond to the previous ones.

Behind the aesthetic interior of Sunny Side Cafe is Willy’s Rock, the famous landmark on Boracay Island. Curating these photos will show you why this cafe is a must-visit in Boracay. Beach view, coffee – such charm.

I also love how some details can create another story. It turned out it wasn’t only me enjoying the foggy scenery of Chocolate Hill in Bohol.

This was in Cebu at SM Seaside. The story behind this photo was a failed trekking attempt due to bad weather. However, the next day was completely different. Nature and natural lighting in the background simply filled the scene with vibrancy of life.

Background blur in panoramic view. I took this selfie using iPhone timer, capturing mornings with a bright sky.

Blur effect in highlighting how to enjoy a fresh coconut juice.

Thank you for creating this creative challenge. It totally brings me back to the WPC. I am looking forward to next week’s theme hosted by Egidio.

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  1. Ritva Sillanmäki Photography Avatar

    Welcome to the challenge, happy to have you join our challenge. You have started with great choice of photos from a lovely place. They all tell a story, beautiful compositions and the use of the background adds to the image. Shira, your images are absolutely beautiful

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Thank you, Ritva. Looking forward to participate more – helps me more consistent with posting hehe

  2. Teresa Avatar

    Love the foggy Chocolate Hills and the sunny skies shots!

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Thank you, Teresa. It was such a blessing to experience that sunny skies despite of our cancelled trekking.

  3. Teresa Avatar

    Love the fog and the blue sky the next day 👍

  4. JohnRH Avatar

    Great selections. Love the color bands in the coconut shot.

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Thank you so much, John.

  5. I. J. Khanewala Avatar

    Wonderful changes from one day to the next. Perfect for a holiday, I would think

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Thank you 🙂 Speaking of holiday, I really like to spend it in the beach.

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