Coining The Brand Name

I’m gonna tell a real story. I’m gonna start with my name.

Kendrick Lamar

Why nenskei?

It probably comes to your mind too, why nenskei? Well, there is no big story. My family and childhood friends call me Nenen and I randomly coined ‘nenskei’ when I got into college.

One thing I am probably consistent is not dropping that username at all. Using my real name as a brand certainly crossed my mind but not to the point of letting it go. The same thing I did to that domain which I didn’t bother renewing through sometime 2019-2020. Luckily, August 2022 it is available, I retrieved and bought the domain again.

Does ‘nenskei‘ mean anything to you?

Yes! It is something personal. The website name has been used for 10 years since I started blogging, nenskei has always been my username. In the hope of repurposing this site, in pursuit of finding joy, purpose, and life in between – being new to 30 somehow knocks us into the reality of what matters to us most.