nenskei derives from my childhood name, Nenen. That probably sounds like a country-side name to you and certainly does in the Philippines, I somehow branded myself as nenskei since college.

When and how did I start blogging?

Internet, of course. I had gotten in-depth to the web in 2019 when I got my side hustle as an off-page SEO while in college. I have a thing for writing especially poems and stumbling upon just turned my life into an open book.

I have been on hiatus since 2018, or earlier than that? I tend to come by from time to time – inconsistency is what I do best I guess.

I already acquired the domain way back then. I just didn’t bother renewing it so I lost the ownership of it. However, last August 2022, I retrieved and bought the domain again. The website name has been used for 10 years since I started blogging, nenskei has always been my username. In the hope of repurposing this site, in pursuit of finding joy, purpose, and life in between – being new to 30 somehow knocks us into the reality of what matters to us most.

Shira is nenskei

She loves the sunset but also admires the sunrise.

She was poetic. She channeled her thoughts through writing on an online platform, Once an open book but laid low, consistent with her paranoia about creating a blog site. Today, she will stick to her brand –!

She is from the Southern part of the Philippines, in Northern Mindanao. Career-wise, she chooses to enjoy the full ride of being a freelancer, which she started in college and has nothing to do with her bachelor’s degree. Life as it is at best.

She likes to travel and even dreams of being nomadic. Despite 7,640 islands in her homeland, she has not been in too many places yet. Cebu is her favorite spot to go back to, which she considered her second home from 2014-2018.

Today, a Filipina expat has been staying in Kuwait for over five years, swaying the beat of the early 30s phase. Caring for her nephews challenges her, nurturing and discipling amazing kids takes a lot of patience and life long learning. Her goal is to be a better person than she was yesterday – as an aunt, as a person – for them.

Shira is also an oiler, a brand partner of Young Living Essential Oils. She intentionally uses essential oils, hoping for better alternatives to address hair and skin (scalp) concerns.