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With so much going on these days, the pandemic and all, your uncertainties have probably magnified. The secured job you were holding onto might have come to an end. Your business might have probably at stake. You might probably be asking yourself where you can get an extra income to fuel your needs.

It is now 2021 and online job is not new anymore. You must have heard about freelancing long time ago or even knew someone is.

There are a lot of platforms or talent marketplace you can look for an online job and must have been popping around the Google search.

I have been working at home for a long time now and has been such a grace to my freelancing career.

Check my How Does Works post so you will know the basics before getting started on

In this article, I will be sharing how to win a contract on and secure an extra income.

How To Win A Contract? Things To Consider Before Submitting A Proposal

Bidding the right Rate

The last time I checked, Upwork has set $3.00/hr as a minimum rate for a freelancer. You can change your rate bidding upon applying for a job. If you are a newbie on the platform, there might some factors to which rate you’d start. Whether it is low or average, speak for your skills and pace; think your starting point. Bidding at the right rate is how you can win a contract among other freelancers.

However, if you are already an ace in your field but just new to the platform – bid the right rate according to your expertise. Showcase your profile or website. LinkedIn is old-fashioned. Try out – it is a platform that helps you build a free portfolio and define who and what you really do. Check out my profile at

Apply like the Flash

When you choose a job to apply for, I suggest you don’t bid on any project posted hours ago, especially if you’re a newbie. Refresh the result page from time to time to see the latest job posting and apply, apply, apply.

Applying like the flash is how to win a contract consistently.

Be Relevant

Okay. Apply, apply, apply is not just the key here. Reading the job posting comprehensively and getting on the same page as your potential client is a must. You must understand what they needed and how you can help. Then share your input in your application or cover letter. Sometimes, the client will provide additional questions to see if you’re fit for the job. Being relevant is one of the things to consider before submitting a proposal and being relevant is how to win a contract with well-paid jobs.

Make sure also when clicking a job post, you also get to check the client’s history so you can attest if it will be a good working relationship with them. Because you know, you can’t be everything to anyone.

Provide Sample

Before deciding to try Upwork, what was your job? Then take it from there. I’m sure your experience will lead you to something. Okay, I get it; you’re a newbie. You want to try Admin Support, such as data-entry or web research? Sure.

Although you don’t have experience and no sample to provide, I suggest you check job postings and try them out. Practice and take it as your learning phase. It will be the most worthy thing to know and consider before starting and submitting a proposal. Providing samples is one of the effective ways on how to win a contract on Upwork.


Picking a job to apply for is as hard as choosing a client. A long-term work relationship may seem like a rare gem, but all the hardship will be paid-off.

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