Self-Discovery: Joining Group-Tour in Boracay Island

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I fell in love first in 2018. A few changes, but Boracay Island has once again captured my heart. My first group tour package experience as a joiner, plus finding a good coffee spot. Honestly, this trip made me realize something about myself. I have to be confident if I am going to do solo travel often. I was so taken aback taking a selfie during this trip, especially in the Kayak photo-op.

I departed from Manila NAIA Terminal 3 bound to Caticlan via AirAsia. It was the cheapest air fare I got from a third-party ticketing provider online. Google Flights can help you find and compare fare pricing difference.

I stayed at The Orient Beach Boracay hotel for 2 nights and 3 days for solo trip in the island. I booked it through when I saw a good deal offer, low price with good reviews located in Station 1 – Brgy Yapak.

I’d be lying if I’ll say I didn’t choose this accommodation for visual. Their photos is nicely curated, arriving in the hotel didn’t disappoint me either. The hotel offers free shuttle service going around the island per schedule which is nice. It’s a plus that they have a roof deck where you can chill at night.

Day 1 Sunset View in Sensi Restaurant Calypso Boracay

From the hotel, I drop-off in D’Mall and decided to walk in the beach going to Calypso. It was good to be back in Boracay Station 2 for my first day. Sunset wasn’t that breathtaking, there was a LPA during my trip last January 2023. It even rained when I strolled back to D’Mall heading back to the hotel. I get to capture around D’Mall on my day 2 after the group-tour.

I missed the Insalata Mista of Sensi Restaurant. It was one of the best salad I had. I ordered the Grilled Pork Chop from Filipino Specials for my main dish.

Day 2: Island Hopping As A Joiner for Boracay Group Tour Package Operated by Viaje Royale

At the age of 31, going solo for a trip and joining a group tour was so new to me. I honestly find it less easy to converse myself with new people. It was like I love to go out yet the crowd was sort of swallowing me in. I’m totally different when I am with friends though, you’ll find me laughing most of the time.

We weren’t able to go or visit the 2 spot that are supposed to be the highlight of the island tour hopping due to the bad weather. Because of strong current the boat couldn’t push through to our lunch site at Tambisaan Beach, so we docked at Jetty port and transfer to mini bus for land travel for our lunch. It was only a quick ride. After our lunch, we had our last snorkeling stop-over before ending the island tour.

I was trying to take photos of me using the timer during our Tambisaan Beach lunch stop-over. However, the wind was so strong that it can move my phone to different angle. It was funny. HAHA. Luckily, that girl behind was kind enough to offer to take photos of me.

Yep, the current is so strong. Sea-shells song 🙂

Crystal Kayak Photo-Op

If I am not mistaken, this was in Diniwid Beach which is our first stop. A secluded beach area where you can also find the West Cove Hotel ruins.

Seen for the first time: Willy’s Rock

I saw the famous tourist spot of Boracay when I arrived at the group tour meet-up area at Astoria Beach Hotel. After the tour ended and we disembarked, I walked straight towards Willy’s Rock. It was around 2 pm, so it would have been nicer if I had my sunglasses with me. I also bought ice coffee to beat the heat.

Day 3: Killer View Spot + Puka Beach

Making the most of the third day by having breakfast at the stunning view spot in Boracay, The Sunny Side Cafe, was worth it for me. The cafe has a unique aesthetic, so you’ve probably seen it on social media. Their food is worth the price, which is good. The coffee was excellent, the highlight of this morning’s dining experience. I had a morning-client call that day, and I wish I stayed longer, but my laptop battery capacity is really low, so I had to go back to the hotel I stayed in, which is just a 5-10 minute trike ride from the cafe.

I still have more time before checking out, and since I’m in the Yapak area, visiting Puka Beach would be thrilling. Google Maps says it only takes 6-10 minutes. And you know what? Indeed, this beach is a gem. Although it is crowded, the waves and the scenery will definitely transport you elsewhere.

Stayed for less than an hour actually because of the time, and I’m glad I didn’t take long because getting a tricycle is difficult, mostly because most of them that were parked there were rented privately. It took a while for me to get a trike – like I rented it for a one-way fare privately, which was 200 pesos. There is an elementary school in the area as well, so I told the driver to let those students hop in. It broke my heart seeing those kids who can’t even get a ride simply because the trikes are not available. I wish their local officials would do something about it.

I packed up and checked out of the hotel. For a less hassle travel experience, I booked my roundtrip airport transfer with Southwest Travel and Tours. I had expected a private ferry boat, similar to my experience in 2018, but I believe it is only available exclusively for guests of Cebu Pacific Airlines who have booked the Ceb-Transfer add-on.

The weather wasn’t that good when I left Caticlan in the afternoon via AirAsia bound for Cebu. It was my worst turbulence experience by far. The same night was my flight back to Cagayan de Oro.

Have you visited Boracay? When was your last solo travel?

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