Failed Sirao Peak Trekking

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It started in 2014. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or what, but I think it has become a habit for me to come back to Cebu every September. Can I blame The Maze Runner movie? LOL. We also watched The Scorch Trials in 2015 and visited Moalboal, but I haven’t blogged about it because I am MIA in blogging those time.

But just a sneak peek, here are my Cebu 2015 adventure. Allow me, please. 😂 I only grabbed these from my uploaded photos on Facebook.

So, last year, not so long ago in September, I traveled to Cebu for our planned trek to Sirao with Reyjan’s colleagues. I was mentally prepared and hopefully physically ready too. Haha. It’s all about mind over matter. LOL.


As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, myBus is a much cheaper way to commute from the airport to Cebu City. Have luggage? No problem, the bus is spacious as well.

We aim to catch the sunrise.

I arrived in Cebu on Saturday morning, and our scheduled trek was in the afternoon. However, Sirao had a different plan for us – the weather, that is.

The weather wasn’t good even a few days before our planned trekking, but we still pushed through to our assembly place at Gaisano Grand Mall. Reyjan and I arrived there first. We waited, bought food, watched as the rain started, went from massive drops to a slow drizzle, stopped, the sun showed up, rain started again, and repeated. Then Reyjan’s colleagues arrived.

There were still slow raindrops, and we met our supposed tour guides as well. We were 95% ready. We moved towards the area where we could hail a habal-habal to take us to the actual starting point of the trek. We stopped and bought Lechon Manok (roasted chicken). At the moment when we paid for it and the butcher started his work, a big heavy rain started falling.

Yes, as in more massive than we saw while we waited. Heavier to make us stop and told ourselves that – it is not fated for us to trek to Sirao Peak. Not today!

Sad, but we need to accept it. Hell yeah, I need to acknowledge that the reason I went to Cebu didn’t happen at all, which is ironic.

However, we didn’t just waste our afternoon by frowning. We went to one of his colleague’s places, had dinner, and enjoyed the roasted chicken we bought. When night came, we decided to return to Reyjan’s place.

So, since we had a good night’s rest, we made sure we would make the most of our time the day after. And guess what? It was good weather – a great Sunday indeed.


Our itinerary was to visit SM Seaside. This time, I have more pictures of SM Seaside Cebu, the Sky Park, and me! 🙂 Since it was the Ber-months, there were already Christmas decorations.

We had our lunch at Casa Verde, and man, their food is delicious. It was another time when I was craving and daydreaming about that steak. HAHA. So Casa Verde, please come to CDO. 😉

I had a 2-night and 3-day stay in Cebu, and this post is about my second-day adventure on this trip. My next post will be about how I made the most of my third day in Cebu in September 2016, even if just for 4-5 hours. 🙂

Stay posted! 🙂

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