Wedding Street Photography in Central, Hong Kong

newly married couple passing by in Prada Store Central Hong Kong
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My childhood friend, Sofia, got married in Hong Kong. My besshy is now a Mrs and I am of the happiest for her, for them.

In my previous post about being a Hong Kong Third-Wheel, it was just our first day in Hong Kong. They got married before the year 2023 ended. I still have plenty of experiences to share regarding this HK trip since it was my first international travel as a tourist.

Wedding Snaps

After the ceremony and posing for wedding photos, we decided to return to the hotel. I would love to share some of the photos I took while we were walking. It wasn’t intentional; I was just snapping photos as we searched for a taxi stand.

I love how it turned out. So candid, indeed. Photos speak thousands of words. They create a story that depicts people’s lives.

How about you? Have you done any street photography? What excites you most?

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