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Magic Knight Bliss

Spread your outrageous wings, Let me fly with you, Birds are swayin’ like you, Oh magic knight tell me, Keeping you haunts me, Seeing you – sees me, Oh magic knight please tell me, You’re not a short time bliss of mine. But oh magic knight, Are you gone tonight? […]


I am not odd, I am just beyond the unusual. ~Al_Cheapmonk of MUST Trailblazer   Somehow I can relate in this line of his poem.


Hello guys! I know I’ve been bad to my readers/followers/viewers, sorry for being so inactive/MIA here. I admit I’ve been so lazy and no ideas or thoughts should write here, I don’t feel like blogging like before. But I know one day I’ll be back for real. I […]

Fixed Me!

The drum rolling Rolling through you You, fix me to be done Fix me, for I am fragile Fix me, for I am decently vigorous Fix me, for you steal my soul Fix me, for you rip my innocence Fix me, for you are my dirty pleasure Fix me, for me […]