Jokes can make us laugh. No doubt. But sometimes, jokes can be suck. You say words that you find funny, yet, unconsciously means something to others. Could you just watch your words first? Advertisements

What Does Its Bring You?

Being honest is such a good character you can ever find in one person. This made me think … What does honesty bring you, a good heart? Yes, definitely! But, what if too much honesty ruins everything? Will you totally be honest?

Night at Carnival

24th of August our Boss decided to take us to Carnival as the team’s celebration of the feast of St. Agustine, which happens every 28th of August in Cagayan de Oro.     The rides were magnifying. HAHA. We had so much fun this night, but I told […]


Who says you can never assume? If you assume, then probably you’ve been hurt!! You’ve been hurt by assuming that everything is in its place of as how you see things. Doing it alone can cause much pain that could kill your heart. Would you believe what they’re preaching […]

Sad Sky

Another day to strive … Waking up so weak feels like no energy to stand! As I tried to have a deep breath, I didn’t see my “morning stars” to smile at. The sky seems so sad, it’s a gloomy picture to start on! Heading to my workplace, walking […]

Less, The Better

It’s so creepy that expecting much makes you fall into pieces! And the sad fact is … It’s only you who can pick yourself up and continue striving ’till you ultimately put your life on the right path and start moving. *sigh*

Through Her Eyes

Every time I see the pain she’s carrying inside, it’s killing me. Every time I see she’s trying not to make a weepy eye and try to be jolly somehow, it’s killing me. I can see it all through her eyes. And the sad thing is, there’s nothing […]


I don’t know why … I really don’t know … My feet just brought me in that direction To just walked into nowhere I dunno if he was real, I dunno if he was really the one who’s standing upstairs But all I know is that I am regretting […]


I want to be a singer It feels good to hear myself But birds did not share even a “tweet” of voice I want to be a dancer I love to see myself grooving But motion is against my passion I want to be a director I like […]