My Foundation in Freelancing

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Working at home wasn’t my dream job. I don’t think I have any – yet back then. However, I was considering creative writing, thanks to my English teacher in junior high school’s influence. She appreciated my work in every quarter project she gave us. I was also considering to be a Computer Engineer I took up this program back in college. But what I have in mind as a career wasn’t just for me.

What I do today is entirely not inclined to what I have graduated from. I guess that doesn’t matter at all when you start juggling in the real world, huh?!

But so much of my unfulfilled dreams. How did I get to the Z and end up freelancing?

It was in the middle of the semester when I started my first job. I just changed my course from CPEG to Public Administration, and I have so much vacant time in school. It is a perfect opportunity to look for a part-time job.

I was referred by a friend back then. I welcomed myself to the web ranking world where quality is better than quantity links, organic search outstands and backlinks matter most.

As a link builder, or calling ourselves SEO (off-page), blog commenting, directory submission, article posting, and my favorite, local listing are just a few of my tasks. For over two years, those were some of the strategies I’ve practiced. Sounds easy when you aren’t in my shoes.

I’ve done those strategies for different accounts, and it means different topics. Jumping from gardening to web design to non-profit org to logistics to travel to cosmetics and so on. Not just a basic overview of our client’s services (keywords) but also how we can effectively share knowledge or ideas with the right audience to successfully get backlinks to make their website appear in the first-page results in search engines – it is how being relevant.

This is the previous field I was in. Does the DoFollow site still make an impact on web rankings? Is Bing still relevant? Yahoo? Do the strategies I’ve mentioned even help quality link building? Does Social Bookmarking yet exist? If so, is it still the same as it was five years ago? Pretty sure, not.

And yes, I am so left out of the SEO world and I am sure I have a lot to catch on to. Imagine, the last algorithm update I’ve heard or at least aware of was Google Penguin.


I’ve learned a lot from being an SEO, from submission to web research to being resourceful in the most effective way. This job brought me to wherever I am now. Thanks to the people who helped and bolded me, to Urle’s Best. 😉 Although it is entirely different from what I am focusing on now, still, it still leads me to this point.

Over the years, I’ve encountered different tasks that able to enhanced my skills with foundation knowledge of link building.