From College Changes to Freelancing: My Unexpected Journey.

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Before, I never dreamt of having to work remotely. I wasn’t sure what my dream job was at the time. However, I was inspired to pursue creative writing by my English teacher during junior high school. She always praised my work on every project she assigned. I also contemplated pursuing a career in computer engineering, which I majored in during college. But as it turns out, the career path I had in mind wasn’t the right fit for me.

What I do today is entirely not inclined to what I have graduated from. I guess that doesn’t matter at all when you start juggling in the real world, huh?!

How did I end up freelancing despite my unfulfilled dreams?

During my first job, I switched from my CPEG course to Public Administration, leaving me with a lot of free time in school. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to search for a part-time job. A friend referred me to a job in the web ranking industry where quality links, organic search, and backlinks mattered most.

As a link builder, also known as an SEO (off-page), I was responsible for blog commenting, directory submission, article posting, and local listing. I practiced these strategies for over two years, covering various topics such as gardening, web design, non-profit organizations, logistics, travel, and cosmetics. My goal was not only to provide an overview of our client’s services but also to share knowledge or ideas with the right audience to obtain backlinks and improve their website’s search engine ranking.

However, I am no longer part of the SEO industry, and I feel out of touch with the latest trends. I wonder if DoFollow sites still have an impact on web rankings, or if Bing and Yahoo are still relevant search engines. I also question if the strategies I used to implement, such as Social Bookmarking, still exist and if they have evolved over time. The last algorithm update I remember hearing about was Google Penguin, so I know I have a lot to catch up on.

As an SEO, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in various aspects of the job, such as web research, submission, and resourcefulness. This position has played a significant role in shaping my career, and I am grateful to those who supported me along the way and helped me secure a position at Urle’s Best. Although my current focus is different, the skills I acquired from my time as an SEO have provided me with a solid foundation in link building, which has been invaluable in my professional growth. Over the years, I have encountered numerous challenges that have further developed my abilities.

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