The day

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The day we met.

The day we blinked to one another.

The day we said hi.

The day we talked.

The day we smiled.

The day we laughed.

The day we misunderstood.

The day we quarreled.

The day we fought.

The day we cried.

The day we fell with one another.

The day we promised.

I can still clearly remember those days.

I can still clearly remember the words.

I can still clearly remember my love for you.

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  1. Michelle Avatar

    heartbroken, are we?

    1. nenskei Avatar

      mmmm .. not really … a lil bit I think 😛
      Though my poems are really sad.. isn’t it?

  2. Tom Baker Avatar

    Shira, I have been reading the poetry on your blog and I think I like this one the best. I would like to feature it on a series I have on my blog called Poetic License. Please let me know if it is okay to share. Here is a link of January’s Poetic License if you would like to see before you agree to it:

    If you allow me to use it, it will be posted in March because February is already full. Thanks in advance.

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Sure Tom! Its my honor to be feature in your blog 🙂

      1. Tom Baker Avatar

        Thank you Shira! I have added it and it will publish on March 5th. It will also appear in the magazine post ( Thanks again

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