Tag: Poetic

Bombarding Love

The flying ship Away from shore Landing on the air Crawling on the road Serine in silence  Critical heart Bombarding my chest Strike the shells Love reaches the ocean. ©Shira2012 Advertisements

Growl to mourn!

Dismantle heart Resemblance of vain Reluctance action Commotion of emotion Connection to cope Trade desires Unfulfill Satisfied Unspoken feelings Grave of love   © Shira2012

The distance I see

The day you’ve come was somewhat mesmerizing T’was so new to me Talking the way I am to you. You’re not a fiction You became real Overwhelmed, You knew you were valued enough You’ve seen me happy You’ve seen how I become weak You’ve seen me too much […]

Don’t frown yet choose to smile!

The moment You give Love And Suffer More of it, Don’t frown But instead, Choose To Smile for The unconditional love That you have Within you! Someday, Somehow, Someone will Show it And Let you Feel that Kind of love Too! ~ Shira

Those words flew away!

Please don’t be afraid. I don’t know how many times this would be for you but, just try! Try to risk something that your heart want too! I’m not asking anything from you, but could you? Could you please utter those words? Those words that I need to […]

This is what human kind.

This is the piece of individuality that we  try to reach to its limit. This is the uncertainty that we make sure it isn’t. This is the chances that we hope to fulfill within the barriers. This is the magic that try to compel us. This is the heart that […]

Who blows everything

You aren’t the the first  but  You are the one  who let me  see and define  love  in its deepest meaning  that no one can even understand  what is it. Who shows serenity.  Who blows everything  but  Love. ~ shira