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Hurt, Displacement feelings Hurt, Unnoticed desire Hurt, Unvalued creature Hurt, Unsolicited feelings Unneeded Go Away Hurt, It shouldn’t be But why I am hurt. ©Shira 2017

Cielo …..

In the road of nowhere Skies wander In a sudden saddest Skies mourn In an utmost doubt Skies collapse – Shira – Poetry©Shira2012


Morning is wonderful. Wonderful to cherish and to treasure. A treasure that made me feel so lucky. Lucky as it to be destined to come. To come make me happy each day. Each day to make it happen. Happen as it made to cherish. Cherish as you how […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Photo was taken… IDK what was the date… tho this photo is not yet a month year old.. We almost reach in our office! As usual, I always look around, morning sky is always wonderful! Then there’s part/moment when the sky is so gorgeous to look at where […]

National Poetry Month

Hello Everyone! Have you heard about National Poetry Month? I guess all of you did 😉 I participated on this, see it here 🙂 I wrote this poem on my journal. Well, I always write everything first on my journal! So, here’s some teaser of my entry: Tune […]