Just so you know….

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I’m loving you more every time I pull myself away from you.

I’m loving you more every time I’m hating you.

One step away but five step back towards you.

I know it’s not fair, oh! when did these all been fair? huh?

I burn the paper where I wrote your name but the ashes still remain.

The photos that been stored were gone,

But I found myself looking at you in the sky.

The stars collaborated and draw your charming face.

You’re smiling in nature, I can still imagine how you do it.

If I could be a tree who stands strong for hundred years, will you smile at me?

Just so you know…

The shadow contemplates you!

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  1. Sheilabmarie Avatar

    You are an amazing writer. Thank you for stopping by my blog “Freedom to Change”

    Stay beautiful ~

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Thanks Sheila 🙂
      You too and keep smiling! 🙂

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