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Scattered emotions flicks Tormented by dwelling eyes Resilience skipped a pulse Wrecking composure Giving in Dying R.I.P feelings © Shira 2017


Hurt, Displacement feelings Hurt, Unnoticed desire Hurt, Unvalued creature Hurt, Unsolicited feelings Unneeded Go Away Hurt, It shouldn’t be But why I am hurt. ©Shira 2017


I was so drained and I just realized why lots of people want to destress in the beach. *the feels* 😩 I miss this island and I just want to be here tomorrow when the sun will rise. Ugh, it’s been a week already since I went here […]

Thank you, Goodnight.

Lord, Thank you for the this long day. Thank you for the pimples in my forehead that reminds me that indeed I have flaws. Thank you for the eye bags that reminds me that indeed I work hard. Thank you for the sleepless night that reminds me that […]

Magic Knight Bliss

Spread your outrageous wings, Let me fly with you, Birds are swayin’ like you, Oh magic knight tell me, Keeping you haunts me, Seeing you – sees me, Oh magic knight please tell me, You’re not a short time bliss of mine. But oh magic knight, Are you gone tonight? […]

Have Courage And Be Kind

We always have kindness right in the deepest part of our heart. We always have courage right in the deepest thought on our mind. All we need to do is open it up and let others see the goodness that a person has. ~nenskei What special more about it […]