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Throwback Thursday

Tic Tock … Tic Tock … It’s around 3 o’clock in the morning and it’s already my first Thursday of 2014, indeed, time is running! I was scrolling pictures and I found this photo that was made last 9/13/2012. Wow, I’m a keeper! HAHA Actually I just miss […]

Wonderful Life

  Life is full of surprises, challenges, happy moments and memorable things is always part of it. Life could be more wonderful if we could smile even we endure so much of pain. Cry, smile then laugh. That’s life should be. ~Shira ______________ Episode 14 till finale of […]


Hello everyone. Give me a big smile guys =D Good morning WordPress and Happy Happy Thanksgiving to my friends who resides in US. Happy holiday everyone. I hope you enjoy your day! HUGS everyone. Mwuahness 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Baby Leanne, she’s an angel that gives more color in our everyday life whenever she’s with us. Her smile gives joy and even helps us to go through a day. With her laugh it brightens another day to live. Happiness comes from angel that cannot be compare of […]