Heaven and Earth! The Path it Takes!

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You moving on on her

Me moving on you

Lifecycle doesn’t revolve around us

When does love coincide our emotion?

When me loving him,

You look after me?

When my desire is ain’t the same as before?

I’m asking the destiny that binds our time

I’m asking the future that parted our ways

I’m asking myself where the answer can only be told by God

Heaven and Earth,

When love connects us

Boundaries will no longer be boundary,

Reluctance will be no longer define as it is,

Where the sun will no longer setting,

When the time has no numbers,

When impossible become possible,

Things will no longer be the same,

Cos that’s how love will make it!


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  1. Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso Avatar

    This is such a beautiful love poem Nenskei, thanks for posting and for visiting my blog. I hope to see you soon!

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Wow. Thank you too for visiting mine too Cynth 😉
      And thanks for your kind words. That count as one of my inspiration!

  2. Autumn Sunshine Avatar

    I nominated you for an award, congrats!! Hugs, Autumn ♥

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Wow! Receive my biggest thankee hug Autumn! 😉

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