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Shiradventurist: The Mind Museum

I always wonder about science, it’s full of mystery for me and physics is something I wish that I really understood much. Last March, I was able to visit The Mind Museum in Taguig. Alone but I shove it off. I really enjoyed my time in Universe exhibition, […]

Retrieval …..

When we do things that we used to do, before we choose to keep moving. When we see and realize at some point that we are doing it back again just like how we did it for the first time before and rise again from the tinted past […]

The Hell I Have!

No one will ever want this feeling I have right now. No one wants to save me from this feeling so badly. No one cos I don’t wanna pass this on. No one will handle the horror I have! No one on earth cos Lucifer is down there, right […]

Heaven and Earth! The Path it Takes!

You moving on on her Me moving on you Lifecycle doesn’t revolve around us When does love coincide our emotion? When me loving him, You look after me? When my desire is ain’t the same as before? I’m asking the destiny that binds our time I’m asking the […]