I’m asking these …

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I say… Through writing you could exquisitely utter what you felt, feel right this time, right at this moment! Then by you’ll read those again, when you smile and amaze on how you play words, I guess you can say that you’re lil bit okay, wounds are about to heal!
As I scanned my journal, I found some thoughts of my broken heart! I wrote this when I learned, too much effort on keeping in touch to the people who are so special to us, whom we care about much might be some times, we might be misunderstood! I smiled, can’t believe I created, I think another cool piece of my Poetry. Still, partly, I can feel what the author felt, which is my dear self…..

I’m asking these…

Why it feels like this?
Like you want to explode,
Cos it hurts much.
No one to talk with,
Cos no one will listen,
No one can understand my broken heart.
I chose to be alone,
Feeling what I’m feeling right now is my remedy somehow.

Is this what human capable of?
Capable of pain?
Capable of holding a thorn?
Capable of loving without loving back?
Is this what they call love,
Where all I ever could feel is just Pain! Madness!
Where all I could do is swim to my tears every night.
Where all I can walk to is a place of broken glasses!
Where all I can love is the person who I can never have!


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  1. evilnymphstuff Avatar

    Aww this is a cute post 🙂 And inspiring questions

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