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Morning is wonderful.

Wonderful to cherish and to treasure.

A treasure that made me feel so lucky.

Lucky as it to be destined to come.

To come make me happy each day.

Each day to make it happen.

Happen as it made to cherish.

Cherish as you how to cherish life.

Life as it worth it to live.

Live as you make others happy through your existence.

Existence that made us build friendship.


~ Shira

– morning 6.20.12 –

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  1. disabledcyclist Avatar

    My friend,I wanted to let you know,I have been offline a bit,and my blog accidently got deleted (long,LONG story). I could not recover the url or any content,so I started a new one,I would be honored if you chcked it out again. The new url is : ” “. Good post,BTW 😛 😀

    The DC

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Thank you my friend. ^^

  2. Tom Baker Avatar

    Yes, it is good to see a new morning. If not…

    1. nenskei Avatar

      New sunshine!

  3. Aisha Avatar

    Oooo I loved the style of this poem you wrote in. Really very great and the style goes well with the name of the poem. Skyscraper. Every word leading to another statement like stairs of a skyscraper (or lift perhaps lol).

    Great poem. Impressed as usual and as always haha

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Thank so much, I will have this smile on face till i get to sleep.

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