Popular Bohol Island Hopping Tour

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The popular Bohol Island hopping tour will take you to the wonders of Panglao and explain why it will always be the most booked and known beach destination package. Besides, what could possibly be a high reward for a 6-hour day tour and a short nap?

Popular Bohol Island Hopping Tour includes snorketling in Balicasag Island

Beach of course. 😉

I wasn’t so lucky for those days we stayed in Panglao. A girl thing came up – so yeah, dealt with it! But I never let myself down and still enjoyed our stay here. Only positive vibes. 🙂

Family Day 2 Trip: Popular Bohol Island Hopping Tour

Our Day 2 trip includes the popular Bohol Island hopping tour. The itinerary features dolphin watching, snorkeling in Balicasag Island, and experiencing the pristine white sand of Virgin Island.


We started our island activity as early as 6 AM, but earlier than that would be amazing and highly recommended, especially on a really sunny day. Dolphins won’t give you a show if the sun is starting to rise that much.

We headed next to Balicasag Island, a very charming island teeming with marine life. It’s no wonder snorkeling is a must-include activity for the popular Bohol Island hopping tour. Dad and Kevin relished their snorkeling time here. As for Mom, there were more amusing moments. She can’t swim and doesn’t trust the life jacket. Call me a bad-ass daughter, but it was simultaneously funny and concerning. Perhaps Mom wouldn’t have been so scared to try if I could have joined them. You can also go scuba diving; Balicasag Reef is one of the perfect spots.

The popular Bohol Island hopping tour ended at Virgin Island, as the final destination for the half-day island tour. Witnessing the island again exceeded my expectations. I was in awe of its true beauty, especially during high tide. The first time I’ve seen this island was back in 2011 yet it is still dreamy and beautiful.

Beyond perfect isn’t it? Fine white sandbar surrounded with crystal clear water, that is the Virgin Island of Panglao, Bohol. Definitely worth it to see. You can also have a mini picnic here, there are authorized vendors selling/making BananaQ, real coconut juice, and mini grilling house too. If you can stay longer, STAY!

Total tour expenses:

Php 2,700 – Php 100 (snorkeling gear)

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