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I look around

I’ve seen a shimmering jewelry!

I stare at you,

I’ve feel your priceless value!

I keep you,

I found a home to stay!

People jealous of me to have you.

A pleasant stunning you.

I wear you in my heart

And you hold me to where we are!

For the people who haven’t seen how beautiful you are,

How lucky they are for you to love them,

I feel pity for them,

Knowing how precious and real jewelry you are to have!

A priceless jewelry!

A jewelry given genuinely by Heaven!

A real jewelry!

A jewelry that never fade!

A jewelry that more than jewelry itself!

A jewelry friend I have!

A jewelry I always have!

A jewelry named Fia!

Thank you for everything Fing!

Poetry ©Shira2012

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  1. bluefiadiarries Avatar

    Thank you Nens. I’m truly touched. *teary-eyed* 🙂

    1. nenskei Avatar

      My pleasure of making you teary-eyed is mine Fia!

  2. Tom Baker Avatar

    That is so very nice Shira! I hear Fia is feeling better too. By the way your new background makes your blog so much easier to read. Great poem for what I believe is a great friend.

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Thanks Tom ^^
      Yeah she is, I sent her a kiss! And yeah, for a change a bit! black is too much!

      1. Tom Baker Avatar

        She wondered who sent the kiss. I sent you an email again.

        1. nenskei Avatar

          I guess she’s expecting someone!
          And reply sent!

          1. bluefiadiarries Avatar

            Lol. I’m not expecting someone else’s kiss. LOL.

          2. nenskei Avatar

            Oh well! If you say so!

          3. bluefiadiarries Avatar

            Hahaha.. Doubtful?!?

  3. Cafe Avatar

    Awwww you’re such a sweetheart, Shira 🙂

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Thanks for the comment ^^

  4. evilnymphstuff Avatar

    Aww this is so cute Shira! I love this 🙂

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Thanks sweet_daph ^^

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