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I look around I’ve seen a shimmering jewelry! I stare at you, I’ve feel your priceless value! I keep you, I found a home to stay! People jealous of me to have you. A pleasant stunning you. I wear you in my heart And you hold me to […]

A dedication!

We will stand still! Like a happy tree no matter how shaky the ground is, we know we can make it till everything will calm! Everything will take to its proper place! Maybe not later but soon! Quote ©Shira2012 This is a dedication for my friends who’s having a […]

A Movie Review: Sad Movie

Each and every one of us has its own favorite and worst movie ever, right? Different genre yet all reflects in our life! Movie is what we actually seen in real life! Rowan Atkinson, Russel Peters who else made u laugh? In love story, I adore Amanda Seyfried, Anne […]

Maccas for stressful day!

Yesterday was ain’t that good to share with! So I’m not going to share the story about it! But instead, what makes feel better. There’s a bee, good to talk with. LOL. And Fia, who I can always run to. She’s polite enough to go with me yesterday […]