Versatile Tool To Convert PDF/Image with OCR Feature

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Do you have a bulk of receipt copies you need to encode in a spreadsheet? A PDF file you need to grab text? An image text content into Excel?

Snagit 2020 is what you’re looking for. This software is one of the products of Techsmith. It has many features you can use in a one-time purchase and not a monthly subscription. Yes, you read it right, that’s how cool this tool is. You can install it on 2 devices per license.

Where did I hear about the Snagit?

Back in 2013, I won a contract on Upwork wherein I got paid while learning. My client needed someone who could attend marketing webinars on his behalf. My task was to join the webinar and take some key points about the topic. To reach that goal, he recommended I install the Snagit so I could record the webinar and then make a summary of it. Snagit helped me a lot to recap and go over videos or webinars I had attended.

How Does Snagit 2020 save you from days of encoding a text document to an Excel or Word?

Aside from screen recording, Snagit has more features that can possibly help you too.

Screenshot is way more fun with Snagit. There are two ways you can use this feature. First is the Image Screenshot, you can easily edit it and make simplified graphics right away for your presentation. The second is a Panoramic Screenshot, you can create a media pack or an infographic perhaps, and save it as a PDF file. Or if you simply want to take a long detailed screenshot, Snagit 2020 got your back.

Audio Recording is definitely one of the features I am using if I have a call to discuss a project. I’ll simply hit replay if I forgot something, less pen & paper.

If you are using the Screen Recording feature, you can Trim Video Clips or make an Animated GIF through it.

Grab Text is the highlight feature of Snagit 2020. This program made me realize how to save yourself from days of encoding a text document to an Excel or Word in just one click.

So what made me upgrade from the 2013 to the 2020 version?

I successfully handled a client’s project earlier this year, involving the encoding of data from a screenshot. Utilizing the powerful Snagit 2020 program, I efficiently completed the task in under 15 hours, a remarkable feat considering typically takes weeks.

Gone are the days of manually transcribing data or spending hours trying to convert images into editable text. Snagit 2020 simplifies the process by accurately detecting and extracting text from images, saving you valuable time and effort. It is a versatile tool designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity.

You can download Snagit for a FREE Trial. If you already own a Snagit older version, you can simply upgrade and pay half of the price which is a good deal already. Check their pricing here.

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