Fixed Me!

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The drum rolling

Rolling through you

You, fix me to be done

Fix me, for I am fragile

Fix me, for I am decently vigorous

Fix me, for you steal my soul

Fix me, for you rip my innocence

Fix me, for you are my dirty pleasure

Fix me, for me to be and drive you freely

Fix me, for my desire rested upon you

Fix me, for my fingertips runs toward you

Fix me, for everything falls so damn right

Fix me for this loneliness is a creature to be dumped

Fix me before I lose control

Fix me while my dignity is still here

Fix me and I lick you down to hell

Fix me and make sure it well be done before fixing me is a damn so wrong

Fix me babe and I will be yours without a doubt

Poetry ©Shira2012

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  1. Cafe Avatar

    Damn, Shira. Who or what are you writing about???

    1. nenskei Avatar

      Uh oh! you think? What am I writing here Janice? 😛

      1. Cafe Avatar

        LOL I dunno, your mind is an intriguing mystery to me sometimes =P

        1. nenskei Avatar

          Nyahahaha, life is full of mystery! 😛

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