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Together As One!

We have learned, I do not know at what price and what cost, that a nation must develop together, or not at all. ~Blas F. Ople A Wordless Wednesday lesson for today! And this what I learned, We should read Newsmagazine/Journal often to be more updated of Government’s […]


Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I am a liar, a betrayer. I have conspired against my own blood and I doubt even your God could save me. ~Rebekah Mikaelson of The Originals. I chose this quote of her for a Wordless Wednesday. But I believe! God can […]

Make Time!

Don’t find time, make time! ~Anonymous It makes sense, I guess. I just received a text with that line at the of the message. How can you make time? For anything you ought to do, for anything you want to do? Happy Weekend 🙂 TheQuoteProject

The Quote Project: Let’s Get Started

I believe everyone knows Leonardo da Vinci, the great genius of all times! I read some of his quotes and it  truly amazed me. So I came up with this bright idea of mine. <HAHA> Starting today,I’m going to start ‘The Quote Project’.  I’m going to share quotes everyday […]