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Why Feel so Envy?

It’s been a long time, I guess. And instead of me should start working, here I am writing this post. I stumble upon on The Daily Post‘s blog and saw their latest post for daily prompt‘s asking which emotion(s) do you find to be the hardest to contain?. I saw […]

The Hell I Have!

No one will ever want this feeling I have right now. No one wants to save me from this feeling so badly. No one cos I don’t wanna pass this on. No one will handle the horror I have! No one on earth cos Lucifer is down there, right […]

He Is My Exception

I’m not really a fan of things going on in this phenomena. Cos  I know deep down in me, It’s just like a stupid star to reach for. Though In all principles I have, He made an exception. He always an exception. He really do. I do and […]


At this moment I just want to shout! I really want to shout! I am upset! AAAHHHHHH!   This is my way of expressing, orry guys! 😦