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When everything seems to be okay!

That’s a reverse…. When everything around you is not okay! When everything around you is problems! When everything is beyond your control! No matter how you try to smile, to laugh, to be positive still …………….. everything goes uneasy! Do you think unwinding yourself helps you feel better? Do you […]

Stop and Lost in a Moment

I’m still here. Standing alone waiting for your hands to get mine. When will you be back? Should I still wait for the time that we will be together? Should I just let destiny unnoticed my love that I have for you?  Does your heart still beat as mine? Or […]

Slow commotion

You didn’t fall But I did in your glance Stepping in the cliff Hanging in the wall Holding a breath Take in – take out Blows down Turning around Looking for a dance  Split between Slow commotion Retrieve emotion Free Spirit Lift it up Going to win  The battle […]

Sunday Thought

“Give and give and give and give until it hurts” That was the priest said this Sunday morning that really caught my heart. He also added, “when you are lost and you don’t feel the pain it doesn’t make sense at all” , which is true. Because from […]