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Twitter is the weirdest social media I ever registered in! I tell you that! And today another one totally pisses me off! Heck, I am an SEO and yet I wasn’t able to identify a SPAM! Tsk… Well, I was just terrified cos it came from my friend!  And […]

Facebook Anomaly: #7

Whenever I see your name on my chat list. I take a deep breath, and I get shivers. I see flashback of us laughing. I guess I’m not over with you. Not fully. ©Shira2012 via FacebookAnomaly Related Articles: Facebook Anomaly number …. number five number six Happy Earth […]

Anomaly on Facebook!

I don’t know where I stand with you and I don’t know what I mean to you. All I know is every time I think about you….All I wanna do is BE with YOU. Destiny decides who touches you Life, Your heart decides who touches your Soul. Explaining […]

Sunday! Nonsense post, would you believe me?

So.. here we are meeting on Sunday! Been staring at monitor for quite a while! Am I having a blogger’s  block like others recently? LOL Nope… I just don’t have any thought to share right by now….. I guess?!!! Alright so… let’s start packing and sit and read […]

How pathetic I am! Someone needs me!

Alright! Why I complain so much? Yes, I am complaining so much these past few days, weeks, months!! I don’t know either what’s happening to me. I am not on my track, I don’t bother to care… or better yet… I am mad to the world. Somehow.. what […]

Hash tag

Twitter… twitter .. twitter .. I’m addicted in twitter long time ago .. back in 19forgotten months … LOL 😛 Tweeting what’s on my mind is what I always tend to tweet. I don’t really bother if my followers aren’t like that much, sometimes it might be exasperating […]