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Over a year ago, I had a chance to visit the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati. That was right after I explored The Mind Museum at Taguig. Even though I only stayed here cut-short, I think I captured interesting things enough including this tree. Advertisements

Reckoning My Sweet In Love Self!!

It’s nice if you really found love! I can say.. Yes, love is pretty much insanely killing me!! LOL … I want to go back and start telling you about my first shot in love!! LOL .. Oh well, back when I was still 13…. and now I […]

A devastation that I felt

Yesterday was very a long long day. Two of my friends were affected by that tropical storm Sendong, so we the budidies decided to help even in our own lil way. So after work I was with my friends buying goods for them. As we headed to our […]

What does he tell, What does he say

Its started with the Impeachment of Chief Justice Corona, and as we ate we talked about the moon because last night the moon was so perfect and papa shared that lunar eclipse happened in our Saturday night and I didn’t have a chance to glance that scenario cos I […]

A lil about the cast :P

This post is not that interesting as you expect (lol).. tho ..just want to share something. You know.. I am kinda lil a prolific nonsense writer .. 😛 Meet out lazy Pussy Cats at home 😉   And this time .. meet the cast under our lil Christmas Tree 😉 […]