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A Letter For Myself (A Short Story)

Dear Shira, How you doing? Same old same old?! By the time you’re still in the womb of your mom You were so talented, doing acrobatic and more stunts Which results for you to be born with clubfeet. You are lucky to have parents who find a way to make […]

How pathetic I am! Someone needs me!

Alright! Why I complain so much? Yes, I am complaining so much these past few days, weeks, months!! I don’t know either what’s happening to me. I am not on my track, I don’t bother to care… or better yet… I am mad to the world. Somehow.. what […]

Easy things!

I know I know I know …. I’m so sensitive!! I’m finding remedy for that though I just can’t really help myself! I’ve always been like this, that’s I always end up with nothing! This is me! Yeah, I easily fall for one! Yeah, I easily get inspired! […]

Finding your inner thoughts

Have you ever tried to find yourself? Did you find yourself? Yes, I did and I find myself. In fact, I didn’t find it all alone cos someone help to realize something about me. Sometimes, people who became close to us help us to figure out our desires, wants, […]