Tag: Moments

Thank you, Goodnight.

Lord, Thank you for the this long day. Thank you for the pimples in my forehead that reminds me that indeed I have flaws. Thank you for the eye bags that reminds me that indeed I work hard. Thank you for the sleepless night that reminds me that […]

Our First Time Together in Manila

Her five weeks and three days vacation are over and it’s time for me to accompany her in Manila. This is our first time traveling together, first time together on the plane, first time for Kalesa ride, and our first time in getting lost and wander in a […]

Writing From The Heart: Question #4

Crazy Sincere Available 24/7 which means Trustworthy. Addicted to me which means Supportive. How often you care to your friends? Sadly, I’m not! I am self centered, selfish! Do you believe me? I don’t know how to care, I mean how to show care? I don’t know if what […]


Are you an avid fan of super heroes? Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman and other man man man man. Actually I’m really not into it! I don’t have a favorite one! But it all changes my course when THE AVENGERS save me from army of darkness! Last Wednesday in my […]

I heard the bell!

February 25, Saturday, I woke up early and decided to wait the sun to rise in the seaside! It’s beautiful tho not so beautiful like the way it rises back 3rd quarter of 2011! T’was stunning! As I watched this momentous I heard the bell of the church together […]

Finally! I’ve been tagged! HA! :P

ROTFLOL 😛 Okay, yesterday I’ve learned that there’s a fun game goin’ on here in WordPress. Saw it first on Janice‘s blog. It’s fun, really 😛 I got much fun answering their Qs. Oh “their” I also answered Andy’s Qs too. LOL 😛 and he’s dodging me to […]