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Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

This challenge is up to something that makes us bloggers awaken about our blogging life. Why we blog by the way? Why we spend time writing our words even in our very hectic schedule? Daily post catches new part of every bloggers knowing that despite of every reason we may […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Baby Leanne, she’s an angel that gives more color in our everyday life whenever she’s with us. Her smile gives joy and even helps us to go through a day. With her laugh it brightens another day to live. Happiness comes from angel that cannot be compare of […]

Writing From The Heart: Question #7

MISERABLY HAPPY! April is a roller coaster ride for me! Struggling of the pain yet been  happy for what the pain cause. This is last month, knowing how happy the one I care most makes me think and say, I am happy for you and I’ll be keeping […]