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Hurt, Displacement feelings Hurt, Unnoticed desire Hurt, Unvalued creature Hurt, Unsolicited feelings Unneeded Go Away Hurt, It shouldn’t be But why I am hurt. ©Shira 2017 Advertisements

Not yet over in my Friday the 13th!

‘It’s a beautiful night We’re looking for something dumb to do Hey baby I think I wanna marry you’ Oh yeah.. you perfectly heard it right!! Yes, I am singing … LOL .. Friday the 13th is indeed a beautiful night!! Why? Oh well, here’s the story behind […]


::: ♥ ::: I dunno why … I really dunno …. My feet just brought me in that direction to just walked in to nowhere! I dunno if he was real, I dunno if he was really the one who’s standing upstairs But all I know is that I […]