So grateful!

How amazing to know someone who’s so true, honest and sweet! So grateful cos that someone inspires life much nd there’s some who always listen and try to comfort you somehow! Turning my head to his shoulders makes me feel so good and secure!!   Advertisements

Through her eyes

Every time I see the pain she’s carrying inside, it’s killing me. Every time I see she’s trying not to make a weepy eye and try to be jolly somehow, it’s killing me. I can see it all through her eyes. And the sad thing is, there’s nothing […]


::: ♥ ::: I dunno why … I really dunno …. My feet just brought me in that direction to just walked in to nowhere! I dunno if he was real, I dunno if he was really the one who’s standing upstairs But all I know is that I […]

What I want to be!

I want to be a singer It feels good to hear myself But birds did not share even a “tweet” of voice I want to be a dancer I love to see myself grooving But motion simply against my passion I want to be a director I love […]

Still figuring it out

> I’m Bored Am bored and now I’m thinking of you  Nothing in my mind now But, I can only think and see you! It’s not that am bored, then, I just only remember you. Every second, Only you bounds in my heart So, there’s no way for […]