Guys don’t like cos

It keeps me wonder… Why guys don’t like to watch a love story movie?? If your answer is “It looks them like a gay” …. C’mon??? You guys also feel what a guy character feels right? You guys also cry right? You guys can also feel love right? […]


“The difficulty of converting scientific finding into political action is a function of the uncertainty of the science and the pain generated by the action.” – William D. Ruckelshaus  

Johnny English: Movie Date

After I applied for my health insurance yesterday, I had a movie date with my friends. We watched Johnny English and the whole time was just a laugh trip. I love Rowan Atkinson, from Mr. Bean to Johnny English. He’s a great entertainer. To consumed the time before the […]

Meeting People On Dating Sites

Nowadays, people just go to dating sites just to find someone and mingle. And today, my workmates shared their thoughts about this issue. W1: Usually men today just want sex. W2: The sincere one is who spends time chatting with you in long hours. W3: Only a few remain so true […]

Ice Cream Is Melting

Who doesn’t love Ice Cream? (raise your right hand. Who? Looks to the right, looks to the left, looks up, looks down! No one?) Well, I guess everyone loves it. 😉 But no matter how yummy it looks like and no matter how sweet it tastes, still ice cream […]

An Answer

An answer will make our doubts fade away! I’m wondering why people can’t just answer a simple yes or a no. If it is a yes why not just let it be and reveal it? If it is a no then why they’re still explaining things to make thing yes? Complicated […]