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What My Mind Shout


There are just times that we know we are not alone and there is always that someone who will listen and comfort us, but deep down we just feel that we are. Perhaps, humanity do this to anyone. Advertisements

Truth is

We can’t force people whom care much to share each and everything that was, is, and will happen to them. It’s a matter of willingness to be part of someone’s life. – Shira

What often comes on our mind?

Whenever our friend will share something to us about his love life problem/complaints that his partner not saying I Love You, not appreciating his efforts and blah, we often think and have this on our mind: “How lucky she is to have him. I wish its me.” The […]

The Prosperity Of Life!

Picture taken at Quinasanghan, Iponan, Cagayan de Oro Time: Sunset Story: This was taken last July 15, Sunday. Our friend invited us to their Bible Club Launching. As we were waiting for a jeepney, I saw this another wonderful sunset and took a picture of it. God is […]