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What My Mind Shout


Jokes can make us laugh. No doubt. But sometimes, jokes can be suck. You say words that you find funny, yet, unconsciously means something to others. Could you just watch your words first? Advertisements

What Does Its Bring You?

Being honest is such a good character you can ever find in one person. This made me think … What does honesty bring you, a good heart? Yes, definitely! But, what if too much honesty ruins everything? Will you totally be honest?


Who says you can never assume? If you assume, then probably you’ve been hurt!! You’ve been hurt by assuming that everything is in its place of as how you see things. Doing it alone can cause much pain that could kill your heart. Would you believe what they’re preaching […]

Less, The Better

It’s so creepy that expecting much makes you fall into pieces! And the sad fact is … It’s only you who can pick yourself up and continue striving ’till you ultimately put your life on the right path and start moving. *sigh*