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What My Mind Shout

What? – Is She High?

So there’s an average couple. Third party came and she gave in, she cheated. Then the night of confrontation, after her loving husband asked her to go home with him with all the tears flowing in his cheeks, and she will just say “You’re such a good guy, […]

The Man With Wise Words

I don’t know this man at all, didn’t even check his biography on wiki yet. I was so eager to know why a lot people do like him and do love his words so much. So I took a visit on his facebook page¬†and saw this post and […]

Face It!

But what if….. What makes you happy could possibly give pain and worries to the people you care about? I admit, life could sometimes be complicated. – Shira Photo Credit to Facebook


Enjoy your life while you are young! LIVE! – From The Diary of Nymphomaniac           It’s a sad movie!

That Moment When YOU Don’t Know ……..

There are events¬†that comes along your way and sometimes you simply don’t understand¬†why these¬†circumstances are happening and right back on your mind you’re¬†drudging yourself asking¬†why? That moments when even you, you don’t seem to understand yourself, you¬†get upset or even don’t like something but you don’t know what […]

And We Grow Up!

So I just suddenly thought to do more BETTER and SERIOUS in the course I’m taking in. Sometimes knowing people and see their achievements motivates us. We don’t need to meet and know them personally, we just got this inspiration that drive us to aim higher goals and […]