Hi! My name is

Shira a.k.a nenskei

A freelancer who has a versatile skillset.
An oiler and an expat in Kuwait who dedicates her time to her nephews.
In pursuit of joy, it leads me back to blogging.

through Instax mini Evo


things that caught her eyes


Master of Versatility

I am an Admin Support Specialist and I have been freelancing for over ten years. Link building is my foundation. I specialized in data space support and mastered lead generation since 2015. Learning skills in e-Commerce, digital marketing and web design.

nenskei is Shira

I am a sunset enthusiast but also admires the sunrise.

I was poetic and channeled my thoughts through writing on an online platform, WordPress.com. Once an open book but laid low, consistent with my paranoia about creating a blog site. Today, I will stick to my brand – nenskei.com!

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