Shiradventurist: The Mind Museum

I always wonder about science, it’s full of mystery for me and physics is something I wish that I really understood much.


Last March, I was able to visit The Mind Museum in Taguig. Alone but I shove it off. I really enjoyed my time in Universe exhibition, it felts like the first time I saw the constellation exhibit during my High School time. It really amazed me. Actually, I enjoyed them all it’s just that the Universe really made me wow!

The Story of the Universe:


The Story of Atom:



The Story of the Earth:



The Story of Life:


The Story of Technology:



This video is meant for my friend who loves books so much and I am sharing this video with you all to show how fascinated I am with this too. These short videos her were from my IG stories when I visited the museum.

And just for 30 minutes I owned their 3D studio, felts like I booked it for block screening. HAHA. I’ve watched the Origin of Life. Sneak peek:


My 3 hours entry in the museum is over and that is only time I felt hungry, I forgot I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Good thing Jollibee is just a few steps away from the exit.

But hey, there’s more. They also have Park and of course, science always exists.



After I enjoyed my late lunch and had a short moment in the Science Park, I booked Uber to take me to Ayala Triangle but I didn’t stay long there. And then I went back to my called home (AirBnB) for two months at Malate.



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