The Lesser, The Better – In Some Ways

I am not sure if this day went well for me or not but one thing I am certain, it is productive.

Quote for today:

The less you get attached, the less hurt you get.

This is not so new to me because I already learned this since 2012, maybe that’s why I care less now or shall I say almost don’t care at all. There was a changed how I deal and respond to people, how I choose to get along with people. I guess it’s safe to say that we changed overtime.

I’ve been asking God earlier what is so wrong this day then, I realized (as of writing), he answered me tonight.

With all the fail and try and succeed in my errands earlier, He was just preparing my mind and heart to a sad news. Someone who is already dear to my family decided not to come back in our city and will try to grow more in a new place and will start a new beginning.

It made me sad because honestly I was hurt, a little. What makes me feel sadder is by thinking how it will affect my mom emotionally since they are so close.

Well. People come and go, learn and grow.

I hope for the best for everybody.

Goodnight world.





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