What We Did To Her Is Inhumane

I woke up this morning feeling good for another ordinary day. I opened Facebook app, scrolled down on my news feed and I saw a post that was liked by my friend (click the link for news/topic). The featured image caught my attention, it is a photo of cutei patootie kiddo but reading the caption broke my heart more than any heart-broken-failed-hopeless-romantic feeling I ever had.

image source: twitter

The photo is originally posted on twitter by Nadia AbuShaban dated March 24, 2015 and captioned:

photojournalist took this photo 4 Syrian child, thought he has a weapon not a camera so she Gave up !

By looking at her eyes I see fear that in any moment she couldn’t live any longer. By looking at her eyes I see pain that in any moment she couldn’t be with her family. By looking at her eyes I see hope that in any moment she could enjoy her life as an ordinary child swinging in the playground.

I can’t tell how it feels like to be in Syria for I have never been put into the same spot and I won’t never ever hope nor imagine to be in the same place or for the next generation as what she experience of a moment. But if ever it would be describe to the world, it is beyond imaginable words we could put into it.

This post I saw this morning is one of the saddest truth that must be share to the world. A sad truth that even this little one wanted to send the world a message……

Let’s have peace!