Movie Review

Have Courage And Be Kind

We always have kindness right in the deepest part of our heart. We always have courage right in the deepest thought on our mind. All we need to do is open it up and let others see the goodness that a person has. ~nenskei

What special more about it is Frozen Fever will hit Cinderella’s house. We only saw half of the short film and I wasn’t happy about that. The movie started at 5:20 pm, upon buying our ticket the attendant should have informed us that we should get in the Cinema 20 minutes earlier to see the full short story of Frozen. But nevertheless, I am satisfied with what I paid.

The most part I enjoyed in the movie is during that magical night of Ella. The dance, the gold carriage, the blueish gown and beautiful shoes that are made of glass. I was really impress when Ella and Prince Keith took the first dance. It was classic, elegant, and intimate. I won’t be surprised if this movie will win the Best Picture award. The story is very-well put into together.

Random thoughts about the movie…

I can’t give a certain answer when my friend asked me, while we were in the theatres, if I watched the animated version of Cinderella. So I was thinking – maybe I did at my younger days but too young to recall if I did, maybe I did but I find it uninteresting and forgot about it, or maybe I did not watch it at all.

Everything about Cinderella is mysteriously magical and everyone just so love it. From pumpkins to mice to lizard to goose to witty fairy godmother who made everything so perfect, but we also hate her step-mother and step-sisters.

Have courage and be kind.

This quote conveys understanding and humanity. If everybody is just kind as Ella, if everybody is just courageous as Prince Keith then we might living in the fairy tale that we wish to have. But the reality is, we live in non-fictional world that conveys doubt and hate. I am not that hopeless that we, human race, still have a chance to change the wheel.

When Cinderella asked her step-mother why she’s treating her unfairly despite of showing her kindness, she answered: “Because you are young, and innocent, and good”. Yes, even Cinderella can’t comprehend why she needs to be treated as trash despite of being kind. One thing I observed is when people are so kind, you started to hate them. Insecurities floats in and more often win over acceptance that yes, kind people do exist.

Love and happiness, fairy tale never let us down. A happily ever after story inspires us and makes us believe that somehow unconditional love does found in the roots of hearts.

Finding your Prince Charming is not as easy as eating gummy bears. It took time and often chose the wrong ones to learn and profound the meaning of love. A love that accepts people as who as they are.

Believe that everything happens for a reason. If Ella didn’t runaway for a moment she wouldn’t met her Prince.  Destiny will always crossed your paths if you are totally meant for each other. But don’t just let the destiny work it for you all alone, you must also have a courage to do your part.

The one who forgive has the purest heart. I asked myself, how did Ella forgive her stepmother just like that? Then I realize, it is just a fiction where happily ever after will always prevail.


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