My First Prititit Experience: Viva! Pit Senyor! Sinulog2015

If you are a traveler and adventurous at heart, big festivals are surely one of your bucket lists. Hep hep hep, count me in babe! 😀

Sinulog Festival is an annual cultural and religious festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City and is the center of the Santo Niño celebration in the Philippines (wiki). The grand street parade is the most anticipated event during Sinulog and it is my first time to witness it. But to be honest, in 6 days staying in Cebu, I haven’t visited nor go nearer to Sto. Niño. However, I had a chance to do candle lighting in Basilica del Santo Niño Church the day before I am heading back to CDO.

How was my first prititit experience? 

The 9 hours long street parade made my feet bone-tired but I surely had a blast. I enjoyed the parade, there are also famous celebrities who joined the caravan, a lot of beautiful costumes and cute contingents.

When I saw the picture of my cousin who experienced Sinulog 2014, I feel so envy yet so excited the to try the face paint and color mess up to their faces and shirts. So this year I feel incomplete if I hadn’t tried it.

You know what, so far, this Sinulog 2015 experienced was the craziest and wildest festival I’ve been to. People were shouting and singing and praises the music of Pit Senyor! Priiititit! Pit Senyor!, putting face-paint to people who pass by, showering water or beer….t’was crazy! I had more fun after the parade actually. I wish I experienced the paintensity as well.

.After that long day and long party night, insert big smile, we decided to go to Sports Complex the next day to witness the performance of the top five winners in three category competition. Honestly, I had goosebumps when I watched their presentation. Each group was awesome, all winners deserved what they’ve been working for.

This experienced will surely be forever in my heart and hoping for more experience like this in the future. I am also into MassKara Festival and hoping to have enough funds to experience it by October.

I miss Cebu already. In my six days stay there I had so much fun with friends and also tried the “peymos”, I mean the famous food in UCMA village and the yummy korean cake called Moshi Manju.

And by the way, Kulas and I cross paths (feeling close 😛 ) and took the chance to take a selfie with him. He’s still on his Becoming Filipino project, a Canadian name Kyle who fell in love with Filipino culture.


I hope you enjoyed my first Sinulog experience and who knows, we might see each other in Sinulog 2016. 🙂


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    • Hello Pat. Thanks for dropping by. It was a fun experience, first is always a blast.
      Thanks for sharing about Ireland, the photos.


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