The Fruit of Hiking

Four hours of travel from the city is just a beginning of adventure if you are heading to Tumalog Falls, Oslob, Cebu. If you don’t have a private vehicle and you’re taking a bus, the driver will drop you off exactly where the road sign going to falls is. From there, take a habal-habal to Tumalog Falls. But wait, that is just your second step heading there. Ah uh ah!  The habal-habal ride will only take 10-15 minutes way up then the habal-habal driver will drop you off to where the last road to take to Tumalog Falls. And this time, which is truly recommended, you need to hike down. (Don’t worry, the road is not that scary. :P)


This road going down to beautiful falls is just chicken for people who are into hiking and who have a perfect stamina. Poor me!

For those who are wondering, like me, what road do I need to take for me to get there? In this photo below, will you take the road and see what beautiful reward you can have? 😉


Lucky me ‘coz my friend is with me so there’s nothing to worry about. (big smile)


After this (photos above) part, rocky road is next so you better wear whatever footwear you know you are comfy with in this not-so-hike moments. 😛

Well then, here’s our reward after those moments of struggle (for me).


Actually, we arrived here late afternoon so while we were going down people were already heading home. So we kinda own the place, for a moment. LOL. The waterfall here is so good and refreshing. Promise! 😉



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      • I hope to have time on my travels to see a lot. I often make that a priority If nto I am sure I will have a future list for my retirement and makes lots of acquaintances to share lots of good retirement times with during the next decade. .


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