Life is full of Surprises

I woke up this morning with full hope.  My morning started so fine. The sunlight into my skin. The lively day into my soul.

I am headed to the shop and took Bugo liner, as I sit, I noticed that there are two jeepney conductor but I just didn’t mind it. Along the road when a man paying his fare there was a little argument between that man and the jeepney conductor 1. Then I started to observed and I found out that jeepney conductor 1 is there to teach the jeepney conductor 2 about the price fare and to mentor how to do his job.

Deep down in my heart I felt happiness, thinking that jeepney conductor 2 is trying to have income in a decent way. I’m not judging or what here but, as far as I know what reality is, one of the factor why crime increases because of high unemployment rate. It’s just so good to know that people still have hope to live their life even in a least income job but in most decent way.

The next scenario I saw while still on the jeepney was, along Capistrano Street here in Cagayan de Oro, a half paralyze man is taking his morning walk. The determination that he has is so uplifting.

The third scenario I wanted to share in this post is that I saw a Plymouth Car of 1940, so vintage. I salute the owner of that car.

Plymouth Car of 1940

I didn’t take a photo but what I saw was color red, I just borrowed this photo from Google Image result. 😛




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