Month: October 2013

Live With Faith

Thirty-four hours passed by when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Bohol. It was around eight in the morning yesterday when my brother woke me up and told me to get up because of the earthquake that was going. The moment I have my senses for real, I felt […]

Face Your Fears

One of my regret is when I was in Bohol and I didn’t grab my chance to take picture with this legend snake. I am not really afraid of snakes to the highest level but seeing how big it is and it is in front of me and […]

Learn and Earn

When was the last time you wait for too long? Meeting a friend perhaps that came late? Delayed flight? Killing the time? Kids getting on your nerves? When was the last time that your patience was tested? I came across on the blog of my old instructor and […]

Make Time!

Don’t find time, make time! ~Anonymous It makes sense, I guess. I just received a text with that line at the of the message. How can you make time? For anything you ought to do, for anything you want to do? Happy Weekend ūüôā TheQuoteProject

The Quote Project: Let’s Get Started

I believe everyone knows Leonardo da Vinci, the great genius of all times! I read some of his quotes and it ¬†truly¬†amazed me. So I came up with this bright idea of mine. <HAHA> Starting today,I’m going to start ‘The Quote Project’. ¬†I’m going to share quotes everyday […]