How Far Should I Go That Won’t Pass Boundaries?

Have you ever draw a line between things?  Between people who you interact each day? Between things and people? Have you push the limits behind those boundaries?

When can you actually say that u do?



I say as long as when connection between us is strong, nothing can define limitation, nothing can draw boundaries. Believing that it uphold us, we remain connected as how we wanted to be connected. No need to unravel things for we can freely who we are even how tight the rope between us.

~ Shira


Photo credit: Google Image


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  1. Very awesome thought/words,my friend (and everyone in my house saw the pic and said “AWWWWWWW!!!”,LOL 😛 )

    The DC

  2. Beautiful post and love the pic!
    Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Been quite absent in the blogosphere as things have been crazy busy! But was thinking of you and hope all is well, my dear 🙂


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