Month: June 2012

Not My Usual Thing → Horoscopes

I am a …. Despite your best efforts, you are not coming up with the answers you want, either in your work life or in a romantic situation. There is only so much you can do to get to the truth right now, and you might need to […]

Monday Starting This Way!

Heavy Rain Thunder Lightning Almost an hour ago, I was just starring at the monitor waiting if something will pop out. To my surprised wind is rustling and it scares me. As what I want to expect but someone caught me in me a bad weather. Tell me, how […]

Where Am I? Do I Still Belong?

Aside from expressing of one thought, aside from sharing a story to the world wide web, what makes you still blog and what inspires you to still do it? If you’re going to ask me Blog Stats, Likes and Comments are what makes my day. I don’t know […]


Morning is wonderful. Wonderful to cherish and to treasure. A treasure that made me feel so lucky. Lucky as it to be destined to come. To come make me happy each day. Each day to make it happen. Happen as it made to cherish. Cherish as you how […]