NO! You Ain’t Gonna Like Me Having Cold!


I supposed, you can see the big difference of me having cold/sick and when I’m not! Rounded to tiny eyes. You wonder? Every time I’m having cold, runny nose is not only my bestfriend, teary-eyed too! They go together! Run then dry!

Please don’t mind the eye bags!!! LOL


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  1. I don’t know what is going on. I’ve tried three time to make this comment. I hope you stay well because when you are sick you don’t even look like yourself.

    • Uhmmm…connection trouble Tom? Need router indeed. Or maybe its WP problem? I got A LOT of issue on WP, as in a lot that make even decide to stop posting in WP! LOL.Anyways….

      Thanks and I hope sickness won’t chase me anymore. I don’t even like how I looked like in that photos.


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